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It is always a good idea to know a little bit about the history of the game that you are playing. It gives you a little sense of how long the game has been around and that way you know that if you like the game you will be able to come back and play it if it is an established game.

The history of Roulette is said to be dated back to the seventeenth century. The game was invented by Blaise Pascal a French math genius, by the Chinese and by a French monk. At first it was played to break the boring routine of daily life, until the late eighteenth century when it was introduced to the masses as a enchanting casino game in Europe. The actual history of the game is well disputed; it is very likely that there was some form of a game with a wheel dating back to the invention of the wheel itself. Some people think that the Chinese invented the game and it was brought to Europe by trade workers. The early games are said to have all of the same features that the games that we know have today, which one little difference. The single zero on the old games were colored red, and the double zero was black. This originally confused players so the green color was adapted to settle the perplexity.

Much later on in the nineteenth century the single zero version of Roulette was invented in France, this game was so popular because it lessened the house edge, while raising the players odds of winning. The inventor of the single zero game was extended an invitation to open a casino in Monaco, this is the casino that set all of the standards for the game in Europe. The casino that was opened is located in what is now known as Monte Carlo, one of the most famous gambling areas in the entire world.

Now that there were two different types of Roulette wheels one had to over come the other. The new single zero wheels beat out the double zero wheels all over Europe because of the overwhelming difference in the house’s edge. The single zero wheels were known from then on as the French Wheel all over Europe. In America however, the double zero wheel flourished and continues to bring in billions of dollars every year for casinos.

Now that you know a little bit of history on Roulette you will be able to decide which type you would rather play and decide for yourself which one fits you better. You must remember to find out everything that you can about the game before you jump into playing it, the more you know the better you will play. This includes history, the history of a game can tell you quite a bit about how the game is played. So go out and find the game that you like the most at your favorite casino and have a great time, remember play responsibly and practice good money management.

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